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Gariyadhar taluka has more agricultural population. Rural areas of their taluka is well developpped. Agriculture is based on main . The taluka is famous for land of saints. On account of day forming. People of the area are connected with surat city in diamond industries. Geographical area of diamond industries. Geographical area of the taluka is 48,507 hecfares of land. Gariyadhar taluka is situated on 21.32 month longitude and 71.35 latitude .gariyadhar is situated at a district and of 80 kilometers Bhavnagar.

There are govt. Offices vig .mamletder offices, taluka office, police, count, S.T. depot are situated. At another place there is P.H.C., school and college. The taluka is deprived of railway facilities. .

Villages of Gariadhar Taluka

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